While doctors are doing the best they can to fight cancer, they are often limited by 2D images to understand a patient’s 3D anatomy. Dr. Christopher Morley and Dr. Osamah Choudhry created Medivis, a technology that can take 2-dimensional patient imaging, whether an MRI or CAT scan, and convert into 3-dimensional holographic renderings. This will fundamentally change how doctors fight cancer. This docu-film tells that story.

To showcase this technology, we took over The New York Times and created a diagnosable print ad using Augmented Reality. We found a real patient with a brain tumor and you can point your phone at his picture and see his brain in 3D and find the tumor.

With Michael Raso, Alexander Augustinos, Declan Byrnes-Enoch and Katie West.
Directed by Christian Weber.

The diagnosable print ad
Point your smartphone camera for  the AR experience.

Point your smartphone camera for
the AR experience.